This page gives you all the information you need to start connecting to the Maildrop API and performing queries.

Connect to the API

The Maildrop API is located at https://api.maildrop.cc/graphql and only allows secured connections.

All requests must be valid GraphQL queries or mutations; any other query will fail with an error message.

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Authentication and Request Requirements

The Maildrop API currently requires no authentication. At some point in the future, there may be a requirement of a bearer token to perform queries if rate limiting is insufficient to stop high-volume query batches.

The only requirement is that every request must have the Content-Type header set to application/json. Without this header, the request will fail with an error message.

As with other GraphQL APIs, every request to the Maildrop API must be an HTTP POST.

Request Formatting

Other than the formatting for GraphQL, there are no specific requirements for formatting a request to the API. Valid user agent strings, correct Accept headers for compression, and any header that you would set for a "normal" API request should all be set when accessing the Maildrop API.

Cache-Control headers will be ignored by the API - caching is done within the Maildrop architecture and trying to evict caches with the Cache-Control header will not work.

Reference: List of API Methods

API MethodSample QueryParameters

Echo Resolver

ping(message: "Hello, world!")

$message: String

inbox(mailbox: "testing")

$mailbox: String

message(mailbox: "testing", id: "abc123")

$mailbox: String $id: String

delete(mailbox: "testing", id: "abc123") Note: this is a mutation

$mailbox: String $id: String

altinbox(mailbox: "testing")

$mailbox: String



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