🗑️Delete a Message

This is the GraphQL mutation to run when you want to delete a message from a mailbox.

Do I need to delete messages from Maildrop?

In most cases, you shouldn't need to delete any messages. Mailboxes are temporary, and if no email messages are sent to a mailbox within 24 hours, the mailbox is completely erased automatically. Additionally, when there are a large amount of incoming messages, mailboxes that haven't seen messages recently may get emptied before the 24 hour window.

If you are sending a large number of automated messages (for example, testing sending out batches of messages to a large database of mock email addresses) then as a courtesy, you should delete those messages as part of your testing script cleanup phase.

Deletes an individual message, by id, from a mailbox.

POST https://api.maildrop.cc/graphql

This GraphQL mutation takes a mailbox name and a message id as required parameters. This only returns a boolean of whether the message was deleted or not. Incorrect mailbox/id combinations will still return true.


Request Body

    "data": {
        "delete": true


curl --request POST \
    --header 'content-type: application/json' \
    --url https://api.maildrop.cc/graphql \
    --data '{"query":"mutation Example { delete(mailbox:\"testing\", id:\"abc123\") }"}'



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